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Criminal Defense


​Accusations or charges of criminal behavior are very serious and finding the right legal representation is critical in determining the outcome of your case.  











Domestic Violence can affect anyone, from any walk of life. The allegations are serious. So is our defense.


Nearly any type of crime can have a DV tag attached to it when you are being charged. It’s simply an indicator of the type of relationship the Defendant and the alleged victim have or had in the past. For example: You could be charged with Theft DV if the items allegedly taken belonged to a family or household member. The most commonly charged DV case is Assault DV.


Types of DV relationships can include:


  • Current or past spouse

  • Current or past significant others

  • Family/household members

  • Current or past roommates

  • Persons who share a child in common wether or not having lived together


Domestic violence defined under RCW 26.50.010 (3) as:


Physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or the infliction of fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury or assault.


In Washington there is a mandatory arrest law. The law requires a police officer responding to an incident of domestic violence to make an arrest if the officer has probable cause to believe that a domestic violence assault or other serious domestic violence offense was committed within the previous four hours.


If the officer determines that family or household members have assaulted each other, the officer will arrest only the person he or she believes to be the primary aggressor. State law also requires mandatory arrest for violations of No Contact Orders and Civil Protection Orders.


Once arrested and charged, the court will often impose a No Contact Order. This prevents the defendant from having any contact with the alleged victim whatsoever. It is vital you have an attorney who is familiar with domestic violence laws and penalties. At Hutchison Law we have handled thousands of Domestic Violence cases and know what to do to put you in the best possible position to resolve your case.

Domestic Violence


Driving under the influence won’t just land you in jail for a night, it can result in:

  • suspension of your drivers license

  • subject you to a requirement for high risk (SR 22) insurance

  • require an ignition interlock device in your vehicle

  • require you to undergo drug or alcohol treatment

Penalties for DUI are significant. They are imposed based on the BAC at the time of the incident (or lack thereof) and the number of priors a person has. The maximum possible penalty is one year in jail and $5,000 fine. Jail time is often mandatory, even on a first offense. It’s critical you have an aggressive attorney, fighting to reduce or get your charges dismissed.


You can be charged with a DUI for driving after consuming alcohol or drugs, even if they are prescribed to you. The legal limit in the state of Washington is a BAC of 0.08, but you can still be charged with a DUI if you are under the legal limit if your driving is affected by prior consumption of alcohol or drugs. At Hutchison Law we will take the time to walk you through each step of the process, providing suggestions and direction at every turn on how to get the best possible outcome in your case.

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